Shogun Cats is an exciting new play-to-earn game
As an NFT-based game, players have the opportunity to collect, breed, and trade unique and rare Shogun Cats.
We launch a P2E game in the strategy genre, where each holder can participate in this game and earn tokens by conquering other territories. Every nft is a character in the game!
Shogun Cats is a collection of 1,000 unique NFTs, each depicting a different shogun cat. Each cat has its own characteristics that will be used in the game.
Additionally, the game has 30 levels of character development that can be achieved by sending the character to training for strength and defense improvement, education for labor increase, and meditation for wisdom development.
Character development happens through increasing four basic attributes: strength, defense, labor, and wisdom. Strength and defense can be improved to attack other players and NPCs, as well as defend against attacks. Labor allows resource gathering, while wisdom influences additional game features such as luck and magic.
Our idea is to create an exciting game with a simple yet engaging mechanics. The main focus is on the characters, each represented as a unique NFT of Segun the Cat. Each token corresponds to a character in the game, which can be improved according to the player's needs.
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The game is currently under development. Please note that all demonstrated materials may be irrelevant or modified during the development. We are making the best user experience for your convenience.
Battle scene
Character menu
Upgrade menu
Game world #2
Game world #1
Our NFT provides the owner with a unique opportunity to become a hero in our P2E game "Shogun Cats World". This means that the owner can not only enjoy playing as their character, but also earn from it. Moreover, the hero can be upgraded, increasing its in-game value and therefore its market price.

But that's not all! Owners of our NFTs also receive privileges such as membership in the project's private club, where they will be the first to receive the latest news on the project's development. Participants can also participate in monetary airdrops from the project team.

And of course, the most dedicated project participants will be rewarded with special gifts from the "Shogun Cats" team.
and more !!!
P2E (Play to Earn) strategy game with in-game token
•Discord territory
•Web-Site territory
•Shogun Cats Friends (Collaborations)
The sale of 1000 Shogun cats
project launch
The conquest of new territories
Secret cats
World of
Our team consists of experienced cat lovers and professionals who are well-versed in their field of work.
Hi, I am an artist who specializes in creating NFT Shogun Cats. My art brings together traditional and modern techniques to create unique and digital works that surprise viewers.

I create original and creative NFT art that touches on the themes of human interaction with technology, emotions and ephemerality in our digital age. My work explores the boundaries between analog and digital art, as well as trying to express unusual ideas through experimental design.
Art director
Game developer
Hello, I am a Game developer with more than 5 years of experience writing code for large projects. For the Shogun Cats project, I am responsible for developing a multifunctional game-app that will enhance the user experience and showcase the project's features and benefits.
Marketing specialist
I know how to find creative solutions for a variety of marketing challenges, such as Shogun Cats brand awareness, attracting new customers, and increasing conversion. In addition, I have experience in creating and managing communities on social networks, which allows you to fully engage the audience in the life of the brand.
Collaborations Manager
Hi, I am looking for new opportunities and partnerships for Shogun Cats project. I worked with large projects that are quite famous. For cooperation, contact me on Twitter.
Send any questions you are interested in to